Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The CPAR Experience

The five-month review was no joke. Day and nights were mostly spent bowed down on our desks solving tons of problems. We saw no end. You know you're exhausted but you just can't say you are. Because the more you think it and say it, the more it tires you out. For any reviewee, that is a big no-no.

We were fortunate though to have been given the opportunity to get in a review school with reviewers who help lighten the load. I must say that in the entire time in CPAR, I never had to drag my feet towards their building. In fact, I looked forward to going to review class NOT because I know I'll be seeing that geek yet muscular guy I've set my eyes on but because I was sure Sir D and the Roque brothers will crack jokes everyone will be talking about for weeks! 

For every BS Accountancy graduate, the dilemma goes with where to review. I've been there. Even made a post about it here. You have to weigh down the pros and cons. And it helps to ask your seniors for honest feedback. However, each review center has their own approach. I cannot say for other but the CPA Review School of the Philippines (CPAR) is more conceptual. Unlike others, handouts given are already exercises. No more lecture manuals, just problems. If you are the type who gets bored reading a handful of these lecture notes and prefer listening to discussions, then CPAR is for you. 

So, WHY GET INTO CPA REVIEW SCHOOL OF THE PHILIPPINES? I'll try to be as objective as I can coz frankly I am quite fond of not only the organization itself but the people who are involved in them.

  1. CPAR has stable class schedules. They rarely mess up with your study schedules for last-minute make-up classes. You can choose to four sessions: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Weekend. All four cater to various persons who have different preferences. Working? You can do evenings or weekends. Not a morning person? You can do PM classes. 
  2. If you were not able to grasp the latest lecture, you can always retake it on other classes. Class schedules are posted in the bulletin board for your convenience. Others often decide to have flexible classes when they are catching up on topics unfinished. 
  3. THE REVIEWERS ROCK! Half the time you spend in class is laughing. Especially when you're under Sir D and the Roque brothers. They crack jokes, ALL the time. At times, I sit in on other classes just to hear the joke I missed or hear it all over again. Yeah, we're FANS. It's not all laughter, believe me, all those clouds hanging by your head since undergrad will all be cleared after each lecture. They make all the confusing and difficult topics seem easy and understandable. I never spent a session in my waterloo subject (P2) without aah-ing coz it would be the first time I finally understand why it was solved that way.
  4. All of them especially the review director, Atty. Conrado T. Valix, CPA are very hands on. I have never seen anyone as passionate in his craft as he is. You immediately know and feel he loves what he's doing when you see him in action. And you feel his sincerity when he pats your back and says, 'Kumusta? Okay lang iyan, first preboard pa. Tatawanan mo nalang ang board exam' Like seriously, he was there waiting at the front entrance of the building bidding goodbye and God Bless to all his reviewees before they go to their respective testing center. And don't get me started on his philanthropic deeds, I have tons of stories that will amaze you but perhaps on a separate post.
  5. The establishment is near UST church and other churches you can go every afternoon. I'm sure you've heard every reviewee is in touch with his or her spirituality during those trying times.
  6. BE inspired everyday. You see the authors of your books in the flesh lecturing. Like, WOW. And it even delights you to know how grounded they are how they each started from scratch and made it big. Whenever they talk, it's all about them, they make sure to remind you that whatever school, place and grade you achieved undergrad, you can make it if you think it and work hard for it.
WHAT I HATED.. if any..
  1. Cost of living? The tuition fee might be low compared to others, but the lodging and food drains your allowance.
  2. Getting exposed to a lot of hearsays sometimes you don't know what to believe in anymore. But this I can say for sure, whatever they may be, be sure to prioritize the handouts given before checking out others' sources. 
  3. You get to mingle with the big U's, but don't let it get into you. Never belittle yourself. Don't get intimidated. 

We crowded Daddy Valix and Baby Valix. Yes, they are the father and son tandem you see in your Financial Accounting books and reviewers. In spite of their success, they remain grounded. They are two of the few people I know who are truly generous and sensitive to those who are in need. You just know, coz the people who work for them are happy with their work because when you work for bosses who are inspired everyday it rubs off on you and you suddenly do more than what is asked.

Atty. Jack de Vera. I only had a taste of his lecture on preweek coz I was under Sir D for both BL and Tax. Well, he is chatty and friendly. Other reviewers evade pictures but he however invites reviewees to take pictures with him. Yeah, he does. FEELING ARTISTA? Maybe. Sometimes though, he's full of himself but not the type who can get on your nerves. 
That is (L-R) Paul Anthony de Jesus, Thomas Siy and Atty. Lopez. I have a huge, huge crush on... but the one holding the beer won the hearts of most reviewees, he got four of my classmates swoon at the mention of his name. He's mahangin coz he knows he's cute. You know how annoying it is for someone who's cute to KNOW and SAY he's cute?? Yeah, he's that kind of guy. BUT Sir Paul.. tsk. I can only SIGH. I'd leave my friends by the stairs while I half-run  towards him amidst the sea of faces just to say GOOD MORNING while trying to catch my breath. 
 Baby Valix is the epitome of a boy next door. He looks meek, looks nice, smells nice, a gentleman BUT don't let him talk or walk. You'll know what I mean.
 This man is a LEGEN---wait for it---DARY!!! I am such a fan! I love all his lectures I won't miss it for the world. You thought LAW was boring.. but let him discuss and he'll have you laughing your head off. His jokes serve two purposes--to keep you alert and awake and to have you remember stuff. And boy was it effective. His green mnemonics help too! LOL. Basta, you will love SIR D.

I don't have pictures of the others like Sir German, and the Roque Brothers. Bummer. But they too have charms of their own. They too are hilarious especially the Roque brothers. I wish I was able to take pictures of them. Basta, if you get in to CPAR make sure you get seats on ROOM 3. All the best lecturers are lined up for that room. So, CHEERS and GOOD LUCK!

Okay, I DO regret that I shied away from asking for a solo pic with, ehem, Sir Paul. :((  Oh well.Will try on CPAR's testimonial dinner!


flipt said...

Hey! Been a while. Have you taken the CPA examination thingy yet? Rooting for you!

By the way, Baby Valix looks really cute! How old is he? Hihi. He doesn't have to talk or anything. I could just stare at him for hours. He's not gay, is he? Most cute guys turn out to be gays these days. >.<

aka Procne said...

WE'RE CPA's na! 100% sa batch..

Sir Christian Valix is unfortunately MARRIED already. Haaaay. So he's not gay, that I'm sure of. But there are a lot in Manila who're both hot and gay.. AND very expressive with their relationships and all! Wala lang. Is it the same case in Cebu?

flipt said...

oooh congrats!!! the 'rents must be so proud! :)

sad thing about sir valix, though. but at least he isn't gay. hurray! yep, that's how it is here as well. it's like, "hello, we love sodomy!" very in-your-face. X_x


Hi saw your tarp sa inyo house! Congrats diay!! <3

Ninin of The Two Miss Fits said...

was about to ask you if you passed then saw the comment above! Congratulations!!! So happy for you!


Charm said...

hi te. wow. im so thankful with this sort of "REVIEW" of CPAR. I really want to get into that review school. If I may ask, okay na ba ung mga latest na calcu for board exam? I mean, like FX-991ES?

aka Procne said...

@nomadic AS IN?? hahaha. Thank you! Forgot na silingan mi sa imong BF.

@Nin yeeah, good thing it all paid off.

@Kai as long as it cannot store formulas and nonprogrammable siya, okay lang.. but, to make sure visit the prc website maybe they have a list.

maishee said...

Congrats te!!! It'll be our turn na, waaaaah :D excited and nervous at the same time!

`Python said...

magkano po ba retake sa cpar?

Franklin Ibay said...

NIce :) I miss all of them, by the way did you hear the news about sir PAUL D?


i just wrote a blog, inspired by Sir Paul.

Eileen Alegro said...

Hi po. Saan po ba kayo nag stay during your review? In a boarding house or dorm?

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