Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lady Gaga Invites Young Filipina to Concert

A young Filipina based in Canada made a cover of Lady Gaga's new single, Born This Way. Later Lady Gaga gushes at the young kid, tweeting and posting on her Facebook account how touched she was.
In my opinion, it wasn't a really really good cover but surely there is a promising talent. I love watching Youtube cover of popular songs today coz usually they end up sounding better.  But Lady Gaga saw something special in this kid and was inspired and encouraged to make more music amid bad publicity of her quirks. A lot call her fame whore right now.

In her conversation with the young Filipina named Maria Aragon over the radio, she said she was having a bad day (no surprise) when she sees her video on Youtube singing her single, Born This Way, she was overjoyed and started crying. Lady Gaga thanked her for turning her day around, making it all better and reminding her why she made the song in the first place and why she's so passionate with music.

Amid their talk, Maria Aragon was of course, so overwhelmed she cried. When Lady Gaga asked her what she wants from her, she just asked where she get her outfits. Obvious answer: HOUSE OF GAGA. Suddenly Lady Gaga invited Maria to her concert in Toronto, asking her to sing onstage and do a duet on Born This Way. Wow. If I was Maria Aragon, I would've choked up and not manage to say YES right away. I'd prolly just nod and nod with glee. And so they end the call, with a duet of Born This Way on the radio.


I love how appreciative Lady Gaga was. She's weird and all, but I like her. And so far, Born This Way had the best message among all her songs combined. What I love more about her is her quirks, her being a scene-stealer, and her being so different that she gets misunderstood most of the time. 



thegreenhairclip said...

i saw the video and really really love the kid's distinct voice :) she's charming.:)

thechyrelgomez said...

she's going to sing a duet with gaga for her toronto concert.

now following you.

thechyrelgomez said...

btw, i'm from cebu. :)

shalla said...

WOW. i can't imagine the happiness she felt..... just... wow.

Liya said...

i love her voice and she look so joyful. thx for following my blog :) and i follow u back :)

Annebeth said...

I love lady gaga and it is awesome that she is so gracious to her fans!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

SHES FROM WINNIPEG! where i live :) she got lots of hype here!

20 York Street said...

Awww.. this is twice awesome for me!

Yay, Filipino! and Yay, Canada!

Double Pride.



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