Sunday, October 24, 2010

Choosing Review Schools

  1. Professional Review Training Center(PRTC)
  2. CPA Review School of the Philippines (CPAR)
  3. Josue CPAs Review Center
  4. RESA Review School, INC.
  5. Roque Review School of Accountancy
  6. Center of Training and Development Inc. 
  7. CRC-ACE Review School, INC.
  8. CEBU CPA Review Center
  9. PSBA Manila CPA Review
  10. USC CPA Review Center
I already narrowed down my choices to three review schools; CPAR Manila, RESA and CEBU CPAR. I need to make up my mind and take care of the reservations the soonest. Else, I run out of slots and good seats.

Our seniors say, the review school you go to matter the least as long as you stay focused the entire six months. Well, that's a given.  Apart from how much my parents have to shell out, my inner battle involves breaking out or not from my comfort zone. In my 21 years of existence, I have never been away from home alone for a week. Field trips don't usually last more than 5 days. Hence..

Independence and freedom. I have been waiting impatiently for me to earn them right after college. However, pressure is attached when it is of at their expense! The pressure to deliver a sure pass. Maybe I'm making lame excuses for my fear of really breaking out from home. I want it and don't want it at the same time.

If I go to CPAR Manila or RESA, it'll be too far away from home and frighteningly less familiar! I'd have to navigate my way through the metro's infamous concrete jungle. I am awfully bad with directions! CPAR Cebu is less frightening. It comforts me to know the city's not as fast-paced and expensive as Manila and more to the fact that I have been there a couple of times already.

Worries seem endless. Grades are not out yet (for some subjects) and I have this to think about. Bummer. Nevertheless, I have to hand in the cash for reservations within this week!

In the mean time.. Lemme catch up on my reading first. ;p I have yet to finish reading Love in the Time of Cholera and Robert Jordan's fifth installment to his Wheel of Time series, Fires of Heaven (fat, fat book! Gawd, im such a sucker for epic fantasies. Haha)


Bryan Bulgado said...

this is good., you're good.,

Bryan Bulgado said...

this is good stuff.,

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