Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Carols.

Hearing Christmas carols playing in malls always make me feel giddy with joy and excitement. It has been and will always be my most favorite time of the year. It's not because of gifts..okay so let's say the sound of ripped Christmas wrappers and untying ribbons is part of it but we know it's not that. It's the thought that counts NO MATTER how cliched and corny it sounds, but it all boils down to that. Well at least that is for me. It is a big deal that someone actually cared. It delights me to know that someone queued at a busy counter in the mall secretly smiling and hoping that you'd like that little something he/she bought for you out of his/her limited resources. 

In fact one need not wrap elaborate gifts, somehow a simple, Have a Merry Christmas, can only make one's Christmas complete OR a hug OR a smile OR a laugh OR a simple dinner. Yes, I have a soft spot for small gestures. I'd rather have buckets of these than a sparse supply of grand ones. My parents always remind me to appreciate the smallest things and I'd always be grateful for that insight for the rest of my life coz it keeps me grounded. 

AND speaking of family, it'd be the FIRST EVER CHRISTMAS I'd spend away from home. Merely thinking about it bugs me big time. It saddens me actually. I immerse myself in work to avoid thoughts of home, Dad's home-cooked meals, my baby (who's not much of a baby anymore) brother who incessantly talks about history and robots, my weekend shopping trips with Mom, and a whole lot more. When I signed up for this I told myself I'm ready for this kind of stuff, apparently my mind-setting is an epic fail. My cousin was right, I can never really say until it's there in front of you. 

So all I can do this season is to heave a huge SIGH and hope that my Christmas and New Year's will end up well surrounded by merry friends. I HOPE.

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Oh, don't worry. They're still with you in spirit. I'm even working this holidays. Definitely missing home on Christmas and New Year. :(

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