Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What The Hell?

Avril's back with a new album, Goodbye Lullaby. Her new single, What The Hell was premiered in a video showing her waking up in bed wearing a sexy black lingerie. 

Dear Avril,

I have been a fan since your Complicated debut. Your songs were fun, fierce and had substance. My best friend was so much into you everyday did not pass by without mentioning your name. You topped the charts, married Derek of Sum 41 and divorce him a short while. Needless to say, we kept track of your goings on because we just love how you are both fierce and sexy without having to don skin-baring ensembles. 

After a long hiatus, you make your comeback with What The Hell. Same old fun we knew. The video literally disappointing. I think its time for you to get over being eighteen. We enjoyed Sk8er Boi and Girlfriend but darling, you're much older now. Time to make more mature tracks. If you insist on fun, literal songs then don't feature it in a video full with obvious product placements. Watching you wake up in bed wearing a sexy lingerie won't push viewers to buy Abbey Dawn, Avril Perfume and Sony. Seriously! 

I hope the next track is way better and not have your fans exclaim, 'WHAT THE HELL?' in a negative way. 

1 comment:

lucas said...

Been a fan and she's evolving alright, but not in the best direction...sadly.

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