Saturday, January 29, 2011

19th ARC Day 2: Afternoon Jaunts and the Red Carpet

We got so worked up the night before that we decided to eat our breakfast at the hotel rather than set out early to CMU for free meals. We had Jollibee meals delivered. Since I had no event, I watched Secret Garden (Kdrama) reruns on my ipod. Zynth, Jason, and Jessa were all busy preparing for the contest. 

We then went to the university around lunch. As we walked towards the cafeteria, a motorcycle screeched down the road, fell down and some guy was wincing in pain. A crowd began to gather. I wanted to check up on the guy when blood came gushing from his knees, foot and arm. Students gathered around asking him if he was okay. Like duh. Seriously? No one offered a hand to help him up while he sat there in shock. I was half-covering my eyes asking him what number to call, I should've said clinic but I couldn't think straight. What with all the blood. Gladly someone offered to bring him to a hospital! Coz I nearly lost it; he was unbelievably unresponsive. Well, can't blame him.

Anyway, I accompanied some friends at their contests, to give my moral support! Lest, I'd be boooored on my own. While waiting for some, we had fun taking shots at the school's one too many parks! 
preparing for the contest. reviewing theories and formulas.
after a few mins., gave up and had fun taking photooooos.
Our school won some and lost some. We started to discuss the questions, annoyed at how one didn't get the correct answer when it was supposedly easy, later sighed and accepted defeat.
 We went back to the hotel and glammed up for the awards night. I'll be co-hosting with Nimai and Guia which means I had to go earlier than everyone else. I haven't got hold of the program yet and we still had to prepare and synchronize what we'll be saying onstage.

the hosts (L-R) Me, Nimai, Guia
Unlike other ARC closing programs, that night was the best. Everything went smoothly. There were minor technical difficulties and unforeseen changes (pretty normal for every program). It was the first time ever that the ARC Awards Night ended before 12mn. Usually it'll extend through the wee hours of the morning *cough* XU MYC! *cough*. It was simply the best. Awards weren't rushed, winners walked the red carpet leading through a minute of fame onstage and various schools uproariously cheered. Thereafter, people were still high in their spirits with victory and accomplishments! CONGRATULATIONS to every one!
Jason was dashing! Everyone had to have a solo pic with him!
in consolation to not being in a picture with them.. i did played Ms. Sexy Photographer!
what i wore:
dress, thrifted
necklace, Farah Abu
bracelet, boutique
shoes, boutique

I once thought of not attending this year's ARC but I'm glad, Jimmy offered me to host the event. Not only had I saved expenses but I had lots and lots of fun with my friends. My last ARC before graduating.. is a BLAST! 


thegreenhairclip said...

nice necklace :)
congratulations on your graduation :)

Shannon said...


Love the outfit too, those shoes are just gorgeous!

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