Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RP's Senate Love Team

I was munching on green mangoes when it came out on TV. There I was watching admirable Heidi Mendoza, the auditor who bravely surfaced and attested to evidences against big names who embezzled millions and millions of funds out of government coffers. When suddenly, GMA flashed this on the screen, 'Senator Miriam nabighani kay Trillanes!' LOL!

EPIC, EPIC news material. It was an ice breaker from the girlfriend (graduating this March, btw) stabbed to death by her boyfriend after a heated argument. Oh Senator Miriam, even if you blatantly lie and wickedly laugh on national TV (who would forget,' I lied.. *insert wicked laugh*'), you'll always have my vote. The Senate will be boring without your hysterics against Senate hearing onlookers, your I'll-wag-my-finger-at-you-on-national TV-because-you're-stupid, your wicked, condescending laugh against dumb politicians who shouldn't be in Congress or the Senate, and your blunt comments on interviews because you don't give a damn. I am all for you and this little Trillanes crush. I had that once too before he was a Senator; defiant Trillanes in a military uniform during the infamous Oakwood Mutiny.

'I noticed that Senator Trillanes is the youngest and most handsome senator. But I wanted to propose that he would look better if he attempted to smile once in a while . He's apprehensive that if he is crossed any moment, he might start marching on the street in front of the Senate.' ---Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago source
 I detect a bit of mockery and sarcasm in her welcome to Senator Trillanes or might be a friendly teasing to a new colleague interpreted by the media as little crush (but, we never know).  You know Senator Miriam, she's wired that way. Totally cracked me up!

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Mj said...

I totally agree with you! The senate would be so boring without Senator "madame" "senyora" "donya" Miriam Defensor Santiago (LOL)... kung sa binay-ot pa: "mingaw ang kalibutan kung walay mag sinagbot ug mag kuraw2x..." hehehe

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