Sunday, February 13, 2011

For Singles: Surviving Valentine's Day

Hearts day. Lovebirds do grand displays of affection through candle lit dinners, bouquets of roses, tons of chocolates and other ridiculous stuff copied right out of a chick flick coz girls fall for them each time. Singles on the other hand, not all but most wallow in envy and loneliness while faking smiles in the corner trying to look indifferent. 

You see, if you fall to these types then you may want to try these tips on surviving S.A.D - Single Awareness Day aka Hearts Day.
  1. Don't turn on the radio. THE ENTIRE Love week. DJs usually play week-long worth of love songs it'll make your head spin with self-pity. Usually programs ask callers WHAT THEY'D DO TO SURPRISE/SHOW THEIR LOVE TO THEIR LOVERS. So really, you're better off with audiobooks.
  2. Since, Vday is work day. Pack your lunch. Eat Dinner at home. Yes, hun, no restaurants not even fast food joints and coffee shops. Couple lovey-dovey galore on all tables. Heck, even the decors are V-day inspired: dim lights, hearts on walls and red, lots and lots of red. 
  3. Chocolates are every girl's comfort food, naturally you feel the urge to buy one after seeing all those couples while you fly solo. But, it is ill-advised to go to any chocolate shop or any shop selling them. Coz they'd be wrapped in cute packages meant for V-day gifts. It will just depress you. Why not buy the day after, take advantage of the sale. Believe me, chocolates are at their cheapest after Vday!
  4. Skip your usual leisure jaunts downtown, parks or malls. No. Lest you see people in twos holding hands, giggling, all caught up in their little worlds while window-shopping.
  5. Turn off the TV. Stations will definitely run romantic movies. You're better off with DVD movies on war, suspense and horror. 
  6. Or, you can skip all these and spend it anyway with a group of friends. Rock the night in some club drinking margaritas. Talks and laughs over drinks are the best! You will surely feel loved.
I'm single. since birth. But, I never was as desperate as other girls my age who buries in self-pity when they see their friends with boyfriends. I mean, come on. Get a life. Get your life together first before you sulk in the corner. 

Every year, I usually celebrate the day with family and friends. Never. felt. alone. Yes, there are flashes of loneliness but I immediately divert my attention to being good in school and be grateful with what I have. While I'm not romantically involved with someone, I am preparing myself to be the best of what I can be, trying to be better everyday, be more mature, more understanding towards others, be in touch with God and my spirituality, and spend all my time with family and friends. 

I believe before loving someone else, you should be content with YOU. Be in touch with YOU. Get to know yourself more. Only then will you truly love someone. Not for anyone, not for show to prove you're hitched and not for any other selfish reason but for you, for him. When you learn to value yourself, get to know yourself more only then will you truly love someone. 

To singles, CHEERS! Valentines day is for everyone. Coz Love is universal! 


wella said...

Hmm.:) Because of a really busy day tomorrow, I don't know if I'd ever feel that it's Valentine's Day. I made a post too about what to do on V-day if you're single..haha..
But really...cheers to singleness. I've managed being one for the last two years.:) And sometimes I like it better being single than when I was in a relationship before.

Happy Heart's Day blogfriend.:)

thegreenhairclip said...

wow, good tips for the SAD. :) eheh

shalla said...

I agree with thegreenhairclip ;3

did you spend your valentine's day single too?

K said...

couldn't agree more. i spent almost 20 years of my life being single and never felt like something is missing, even on Valentine's day. hee hee.

good to see you on my blog. haven't visited you in a long time and honestly, i miss reading your posts!

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