Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing Beats Free Stuff! Tough Brat Fred is Home.

For months, I have been eyeing bags at Bratty Bonita and Tough Brat. No matter how badly I wanted one, it was beyond my current budget. A month ago, I was ecstatic to read their Blog a bag, Bag a bag promo! I immediately joined coz for one, nothing beats free stuff and second, their laptop bags all looked chic and durable. 

Luckily, I won! My article was one of the four winning articles! I automatically reverted to my holidazed mode when I knew. I was super excited to receive the bag. 

After half a month, Fred arrived at my doorstep yesterday while I was having my afternoon nap. When my mom woke me, I was dazed and irritated (I always am after waking up) but it all went out the window when I peered down our terrace at the delivery man. Fred's home! Needless to say, I ran down the stairs to welcome Fred. 

Most products only look fab in pictures, but disappoint in person. My Tough Fred is an exception. The luxurious gray, the feel of the material, and the spacious compartments. It's a snug fit for my 14-inch Lenovo and has not only one but four additional pockets perfect for optical mouse and charger with plenty more space for other stuff I need say ipod, phone, and planner (yes, I try to organize my life).

With countless powerpoint presentations and looming deadline for our feasibility study, I constantly have to lug my laptop around. Tough Fred will be put to good use.

And so, I brought it to school. Needless to say, friends were envious! I would be too if I were them. I have this obsession on oversized bags especially sling totes these days that I can't help myself. I only have a handful of small bags.

I cannot wait to pair Fred with different ensembles and take it to places. It's large enough to tote around travels. More on that soon.

Thank you thank you to Tough Brat Bags and Bratty Bonita Bags for making this possible. Continue making good and quality products. To my readers, visit their sites. There are more of these where it came from. More designs to choose from. In fact, I am pretty sure you'll find it hard to decide which one to purchase. And both owners are nice, friendly and quick to respond on your messages. 


thegreenhairclip said...

i must say it really is nice and chic! :) congrats! :)

Bratty Bonita said...

Thanks for the blog edaj!!!! Glad you love the bag! =)

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