Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Ailis, My New Niece and Goddaughter.

Awwww, baby Ailis Jessa is so cute. She was born on New Year's eve. That makes her birth date, 01-01-11! I'm godmother to two kids now, my nephew Luke Raven and to the newest member of the family, baby Ailis Jessa. I was thrilled to know my cousin Ferna chose me as godmother albeit the annual tradition of giving gifts to them come birthdays and Christmas. Apart from that, I should learn to be more of a responsible individual in the hopes of being a good influence to these kids. 

When I was a kid, I remember getting hyped up for birthdays and Christmas coz I know my ninongs and ninangs all have gifts waiting for me to open under their Christmas trees. Now, it's my turn! Kids, pray Tita  graduates this March, pass the board exam and have a blissful career ahead so I'd have money to burn for those gifts. ;p

After church, we all rushed to the hospital to see baby Ailis. If not for the bars and window, I would've lightly pinched her soft cheeks, hold her little hands and kiss her forehead. Can't wait for her to grow a bit more so I could carry her na! I still don't feel confident carrying newborns.

My cousin Ferna and her husband, Jessie. There was a slight complication with mother after Ailis' birth. My cousin's bleeding won't stop, good thing she's okay now. It's their first child! I am so happy coz my cousin has waited for this for so long finally they have baby Ailis to dote on when they get back to Ireland. Yes, she came home to give birth and will fly back home to Ireland around July.

My family with the new mother! 

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