Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend: Celebrating It The Traditional Way

We know what a big deal Christmas is for Filipinos. In fact, we have the longest celebration for it. There's the preChristmas, Christmas and after-Christmas parties. Decors are already put up months and months before. And how can anyone forget the long list of parties and gatherings to which always  involves a whole lot of sumptuous food and flowing booze and drinks? It's my favorite festive season of the year, I know, it shows! I even made two posts about it or I might add another and another..

 So how did I celebrate mine? As much as I'd love to say I celebrated differently this time like Christmas out of town or out of the country (I wish!), well, as every year goes, I celebrated mine AT HOME, in the same town but thankfully with family and friends. Tradition ain't so bad after all.

We always attend the Christmas eve mass. The grand choir sings these Christmas carols heartily. Every year when I hear them, I get sentimental. I choke up, hold my brother's hands and whisper a short prayer to God of how thankful I am for what I have now.

On Christmas day, we all gather to my father's hometown where THE CLAN hold a small party exclusive for family and friends. When I was a kid, I excitedly looked forward to these parties. Lots of parlor games, candy goodies, gifts, coins and crisp money bills awaited us. Now, we the older grandchildren organize these parties for our nephews and nieces.

I was appointed photographer for a day along with my other cousins. Good thing I wore comfy shorts with a huge bow and my favorite floral Kamiseta shirt!

Papa played Santa. Everyone immediately lined up as he revealed a wad of crisp 20-peso bills! The smell of new money. hmmmm.

My brother appointed himself master of ceremonies. Boy, how fast he's grown. He was incessantly throwing historical trivia about countries and war. I was admittedly in awe realizing he knew these things. WHERE WAS I AND WHAT WAS I DOING WHEN OUR TEACHER DISCUSSED THIS? HOW COME I DON'T KNOW THEM AT ALL! LOL.

Lola Tita. Our grandmother. Mother to ten kids, grandmother to 30plus grandchildren and great grandmother to 10plus great grandchildren and great-great grandmother to one great-great grandchild. Yep, we're a huge, huge clan. Pity, a lot are not home for Christmas. 

Everyone basically had a great time merry-making, gift-giving and shared what we can. We took a LOT of pictures!

The following day, we headed to CDO to shop (well my bro did. I AM BROKE!). Had gelato at Missy Bonbon's. I needed a sugar rush after all the walking in the mall. 


Ninin of the two miss fits said...

I love the deep blue of your dress! Looks so regal and classy ;)

Glad you had a great Christmas!

aka Procne said...

@Ninin. it's not a dress, but a shirt. THANKS!

ennaid said...

im from cdo too :) wee ,. thanks for following dear .

ennaid love .


ahh dearie! your shorts!!! ;] it looks so cute! <3 <3

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