Thursday, February 3, 2011

BH 120 Palette, For Free!

My Mom's obsession's rubbing on me. At first, I grumble how long it takes for her to prep up in front of the mirror and how willingly she shells out more a thousand bucks for a four-palette eyeshadow set when she could buy way cheaper ones with the same color combinations. Now, that I do eyeshadows? I TOTALLY GET IT! Cheaper alternatives don't stay as long as a MAC does, don't let you achieve the color you want at one stroke, and don't give you the same ease in blending. 

With my Mom's wide collection of makeup? I can't help but experiment with a lot of colors for my eyes. I learn through Youtube tutorials. I always see them girls using BH 120 Palette; a lot f colors in one package! Been eyeing it for a while now and urged my Mom to buy countless times but she won't listen coz she's loyal to Mac, L'oreal, Maybelline, Sephora, Smashbox, Clinique and Bobbi Brown. She trusts no other brands besides them. 

Good thing there's this giveaway contest! Open internationally. Sweet! Visit her page and like me, take a chance on winning. You never know.

I hope I can get my hands on you..soon. If not, then.. Plan b still stands, ask money from Dad!


Denise said...

gusto ko niyan. how many have i said i need to learn make up ba? every year resolution ko yan, hinde naman nangyayari. ill start with eye liner maybe?

aka Procne said...

putting eye liner on is easy! don't worry, you'll learn quick..

I learned through watching my Mom and mostly from YOUTUBE. Try Michelle Phan. You'll end up sitting all day watching her tutorials.

Reg Rodriguez said...

good luck! i hope you win!! :)


♥♥ hAppy dReamer ♥♥ said...

wow nice prize
i would also love to own those..
kaya lang hindi naman me marunong magmake-up matagal ko ng obsession ang matutong magmake-up

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