Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Job Hunt Ends!

Gosh. Hunting for jobs can be this competitive? Even applying for OJT is damn hard. This recession is getting to me. Good thing I already found one. Sheesh. Starting tomorrow I'd get a taste of what it takes to be part of the workforce; to wake up each morning and work 'til 5 pm.

Since I'm their only apprentice, I'm praying for a miracle amidst the ongoing crisis - a provision for allowance to compensate for whatever task they're giving me in the office. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a real challenge not a generic task - stapling papers, alphabetizing files, cleaning desks (NOOOO!) and making coffee (heaven forbid!). If that's the case they must have mixed my course with something else. Unfortunately, reality bites and truth be told most apprentices end up doing such tasks. Please, please don't let me waste 250 hours of my time in your place having learned nothing but what I mentioned. That's just not gonna work as experience for my future career.

Steps, no matter how small, lead you forward. Hence, whatever awaits me tomorrow should suffice. Tasks given must be performed at its best. I never know perhaps if they notice I am an efficient apprentice they might consider giving me bigger tasks. Take one step at a time.

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♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

hi procne!:) it is hard to find work nowadays kaya my hubbie and i found it soo fortunate that after graduation he got a job in 1 week. congrats on getting an ojt job, hopefully they provide allowance!:) and hopefully give you good tasks. good luck!

aka Procne said...

Thanks AVA. Man. It's really hard to find one but got lucky. Must not complain much and drive away the luck. hehe. Good for your hubbie he found one immediately.

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