Thursday, February 24, 2011

2010 American Idol's Top 24 List

I was about to call it a day when someone posted this on Facebook. According to Joe, the Top 24 list on his blog is 100% confirmed. We'll find out tomorrow for sure.

I am delighted to note that THIA MEGIA got in along with my other bets, Clint Gamboa, Casey Abrams, Brett Loewenstern, Lauren Suddeth, Jacob Lusk and Ashton Jones.

Here is the list of American Idol 2010's Top 24:

  1. Ashton Jones
  2. Brety Loewenstern
  3. Casey Abrams
  4. Clint Jun Gamboa
  5. Haley Reinhart
  6. Jacob Lusk
  7. James Durbin
  8. Jordan Dorsey
  9. Jovany Barreto
  10. Julie Zorilla
  11. Karen Rodriquez
  12. Kendra Chantelle Campbell
  13. Lauren Alania Suddeth
  14. Lauren Turner
  15. Naima Adedap
  16. Paul McDonald
  17. Pia Toscano
  18. Rachel Zevita
  19. Robbie Rosen
  20. Scotty McCreery
  21. Stefano Langone
  22. Time Halprin
  23. Ta-Tynisa Wilson
  24. Thia Megia
Sorry, I did  not include pictures with the contestants. I understand there are just others who forget names yet remember faces well. I know, because I do too. I'm probably the worst at remembering names but I sure do remember faces really well. It just that I'm writing this in a hurry.

Did your bets make the cut? Can't wait for tomorrow's episode. 


thegreenhairclip said...

yey! thia megia! soulful voice :)

aka Procne said...

IKR? Pinoy pride!

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