Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hyun Bin for Samsung SmartTV CF

For those who are clueless what CF's mean, I wiki-ed it for you. It stands for Commercial Film. CF's are especially popular and viral in South Korea.

Hyun Bin (My Name is Kim Sam Soon) clearly is today's most bankable actor. His successful drama, Secret Garden helped him land a lot of CF's left and right. Big brand names in Korea sign him as ambassador notwithstanding his upcoming military service in March. We won't be seeing much of him for another two years!

He was adorable on My Name is Kim Sam Soon, really fun but I love him more on Secret Garden where he plays a rich department store chaebol who falls for a stuntwoman played by Ha Ji Won (Memories of Bali). If you think the usual i-love-you-to-death-despite-the-social-difference-it's-you-and-me-against-the-world, think again. The drama has another take. It is such a breath of fresh air. NO CHEESY MOMENTS. Less and less on that. More on witty lines and a unique plot. The best plot on rich man falls for commoner girl plots Koreans love so much. Every episode was entertaining. The kind of drama that does not revolve around the lives of the leads but also interjects those of the supporting characters. It's even the first I watched without the usual love triangles/squares yet had enough conflict to get you watching for more.

Now that's it ended, all we see are commercials of the characters we can't get enough of. Hyun Bin is the new face of Samsung's SmartTV. Samsung's 3D TV. Hyun Bin shot not only one but two version's of the CF.

Drama version. 
I don't understand what their saying
But still cracked me up. Oh, Secretary Kim!
Waiting for English subs!

Smokin'! Nuff said.

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Liya said...

awwwawwwawwwwwww i watch himmm. aaaaahh he s sooo cuteeeeeeee
i think all korean actors uh :)

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