Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Six Years Overdue

I came home mentally reviewing income taxation. Comprehensive exams, why do you always fall on rainy days when weather is enticingly good for sleeping?

Then, the sweetest surprise came in the form of a personalized letter scented with a very familiar perfume. It's Dahl's Palanca.  What is a Palanca? Will explain more on my next post probably on Friday. The warm fuzzy feeling I got from reading the letter is worth stopping my reading of Corporate Taxes and write something on my blog.

Dahl, I know you will get to read this. You know how mushy and sappy I get when reading letters. Always, always been a fan of them since time forgotten. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I shouldn't be blogging and I'm in a tight schedule for tomorrow's exam but I will make an individual post on this on Friday. ;p

Oh Friends. Aren't they just the sweetest gifts in life you can ever possess?


thegreenhairclip said...

i get the same feeling when i receive a personalized letter.. :)

herroyalbleakness said...

wishing you the best on your exams. AJA! :) and it's nice to know that there are occasional letters that keep you smiling despite the daily boo-boos.

AVA T.♥ said...

Good luck on your exams!:) and i love the feeling of old school letters :)

// krissy ♥ said...

Sweeeet <3

Good luck on your exams! =)

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