Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good To Be Together

Months of planning of getting together, it pushed through at last! I already planned to show up to the beach side with my high school batchmates but when I knew it may be the only time I can meet up with my girl friends I've decided to go there extremely late. But it was all worth it.

We made up for lost time, told stories and news we missed, cam-whored as usual, made fun of each other and of course, pigged out (well, at least for the three of us except for our anorexic friend Stef.. Haha jk.)

Let's do it again girls! This time with more food and more time. Movie marathon!!! I know, Lil has got a lot of movies to suggest. Lil? Gosh. She may be the most movie-updated person I've met my entire life!! She goes like, "OMG! Have you watched this and that..?" And we respond with blank stares. "I can't believe it! You should watch!.." And she goes on and on with her list of must-see movies and is entirely convinced at the same time that we missed a half of our lives not seeing those flicks.

And oh yeah.. before I forget.. Let's do it at MJ's house again.. The best host! Noh? Hehe.

By the time I got to the beach, my friends we're ready to go! Good thing they stayed a while for my sake. Hehe..

IDS High School Batchmates

Enjoying the sunset with Soysoy

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