Monday, April 13, 2009

Daniel Henney and X-Men Origins

Impatience indeed gets you nowhere. It breeds regrets. If only I waited a bit longer for the X-men Origins: Wolverine to hit the theaters I probably enjoyed and appreciated the movie more. A rough cut of the movie was leaked around the web. I took the bait and learned a valuable lesson, 'Don't watch rough cuts, you idiot!' My hero Wolverine became less real to me as I saw the harness and poor unedited, unfinished visual effects. Enlightenment never felt this heartbreaking. *sniff sniff*

Causes of my impatience:

  1. I have been an X-men fan for years and years. A movie like this gets me excited like a little kid in a candy store!
  2. Daniel Henney, that hot Korean-American actor. This is his Hollywood debut. Been keeping tabs on him since Kim Sam Soon. I thought he'd get a small cameo role where he only gets a single line to say (e.g my other Korean love Rain whose head ballooned due to worldwide fame which somehow caused people to gradually hate his guts!) but then he managed to snag a cool villain role in the name of Agent Zero. Daniel Henney as a bad guy..hmm..great for a change.
  3. To see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine again? Who wouldn't!? Like duh.

Let's say after all the effects are done, the movie is like any other X-men movies. Not better but not lame to make you complain once in a while. Will I watch it again in theaters? Yes. Is it so cool I'd be recommending it for everybody to watch? To Xmen, Henney and Jackman fans, a resounding YES (but don't expect much); to random movie-goers? NO.

That's Henney and Hugh Jackman while promoting their movie in Korea

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