Monday, March 23, 2009

Jumping For JOY!

we're as happy as these girls are!
photo credits here
Yay!!! *jumping gleefully, doing cartwheels in an attempt to express her JOY!*

A week ago, looking at my rented graduation gown always involved deep sighs and wishful thinking. A day never passed without deliberating for options in case we get the dreaded RED MARK. NOW? I can't even contain my excitement for my two-month long on-the-job training. All I can think about today is what to wear on 31st. Though this is not the final stretch, I still have two more years to go in this rollercoaster ride (we graduate thrice) the feeling of achievement that I made it this far is inexplicable. Seeing those classic movies where college graduates throw their caps high up in the air became all the more meaningful.


Congratulations to all the graduates!


Mon said...

Congratulations Procne!


Thank you for joining the battle against Global Warming! (Naks! Environmetalist pa ngayon ang dating ko.. hehe)

sHeL *tRojan,ih8him_16,tUbig* ^^ said...

congrats :)

♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

wow, procne! great job!:) i'm soo happy for you and congratulations!

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