Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Change Of Skin

After weeks of hiatus, I'm back to working the keyboard again for real. I have been feeling blue this past week and coherence is hard to achieve when you're just bawling like crazy. The world has enough confusion to deal with so let's not make me add up to that with an incoherent, drunken post. Unloading junk to a rather suitable digital diary with a bit more privacy (which blogger is not btw) sounded like a better idea.

So anyway, I've been scouring for nice layouts online; blogger templates that go well with the XML format. I am missing the convenience of widgets! A bit of spunk and personalized feel revamps every page and I am missing that definitive character in my page. I am such a dummy when it comes to designing things so I heavily rely on pre-made and free templates. AND IT'S DAMN HARD to find something that just suits my personality, you know. I mean, you use this account and express yourself thus I believe the layout must precede and reflect the kind of person who owns the blog, right?

Hey, my blog layout ain't so bad. I edited the banner/header (whatever that's called) myself. THAT IS ALREADY AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR ME. In fact, I even bragged it to my friends because I was pleased with myself that I can actually design something decent. Of course, with the help of online editing tools which make things a lot easier. Thank God for technology and passionate developers who considers simpletons like me.

In line with my quest of finding a new layout (and hope I CAN tweak it according to my personal style) my blog will be under construction. Meaning, I'd be changing from one layout to another UNTIL I have the ME feeling in it already.

AND OH! Would you believe it? I GOT AN AWARD. TWO AWARDS, in fact. My first time to receive awards from a fellow blogger. THANK YOU ATE KAYE. I mean, was that for real?

I got the *tantananantanan* MOST AMAZING DESIGN (I deserve this?) and THE FRIENDSHIP AWARD (well, I'm friendly so..)!

The rules say I must nominate a set of at least 5 blogs I find amazing.. So here goes. My list of most amazing blogs goes to:
  1. AVA
  2. MON
  3. MaiMai
  4. Leia
  5. Iris
  6. Balt
  7. Lil
  8. Ate Kaye
  9. Nikka
Oh there are other rules you must abide click here.


♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

wow!:D thank you soo much, prone!!:D will post this soon!

aka Procne said...

You're welcome. I chose you since I regularly visit your blog. And oh, by the way.. it's procne! :D

Hussein said...

jade! thanks for nominating me.. ;D I just posted a blog and i tagged you! HEHEH..

aka Procne said...

Naks naman. Okay. Will check it out today.

You're welcome.

Mon said...

Wow! Very nice layout! Na-suya ko gwaps di ko kamao mo-change ug layout.. hehe.

Anyways, I'm so flattered (beyond words) that you inlcuded my blog on your list of "Most Amazing Blogs". Wheow!! I'll definitely make a post about this. Heheh..

Have a great day!

aka Procne said...

For the benefit of everyone, I did not make this layout Mon. It's premade. Downloaded it and tweaked a bit to suit my taste. Thanks though and you're welcome!

nikka said...

wow sis. thank you so much. :)

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