Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clueless and Upset!

How could you do this to me girl? I thought we were friends? I'm supposed to be one of you're confidantes and I only got to know through facebook?! What the.

Well, I knew it was likely that you'd say YES. BUT, for sisterhood sake, not a word from you?

*sigh* You look happy, so I'm happy; we're happy. BUT. Yes there are buts. It does not bail you out from all the teasing coming this Tuesday.You had it coming! Well, except for Balt. We promised!!! LOL.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Girl friend.. Balt's girl. Hahahahaha. Waaah. You're someone's girl na. That's a big step. If he hurts you, we'll raise HELL!!!

PS if you really want to make amends, one, wait, two scoops of chocolate ice cream MIGHT do the trick.


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