Friday, March 20, 2009

The Unwanted Thrill

Hurray! No more exams. No more 3-in-1 coffees. No more staying up late balancing amounts on financial statements. No more stiff necks. Goodbye my ally calculator; won't be needing yourservices for a while (I hope).

Summer's around the corner. When I should be celebrating some place else, I'm holding on to rosary beads hoping for some miracle to happen, the ever longed for 3.o grade. Professors. Jeez. Don't they just love stressing students? Why prolong our anxiety for days.? End it now and give our damn grades! That way we can either jump for joy or accept our defeat, if need be. Hey. We need ample time to lick our wounded egos, revamp our spirits and MOVE ON.

A week's sulking is long enough. Whatever happens, happens. I MUST NOT CRY and take it badly. Everything's part of a grander plan. Everything's interconnected. So whatever the results are, I'll just leave it be and consider the options. But definitely, I'll be back on my feet again.

After Monday? I can finally breathe and head for the beach.


galactic angel said...

wow! beach agad! :D

aaaaaah! tama tama! the mantra: MOVE ON. grabe kakaloka tong sem na to.

Iris Monterona said...

Can you take me with you to the beach??? PLEASE???? :(

aka Procne said...

@nimai: Summer's never complete without heading to the beach with friends/family. Outing tayo..

@iris: SUUUURE.

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