Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things Change and that includes friends!

Having friends you've been with for years (not to mention spending most school days talking to them) gives you a warming familiarity. You think you already know what there is to know.

WRONG! You don't. A myriad of possibilities can happen in one lifetime. So what makes you think a friend can't change?

I have a friend named Jesther to whom I fondly call Lolo; a filipino name for Grandfather. My memory fails me to remember why we came up with the nickname. But I know he's an old soul trapped in a young man's body. While we were listening to Eminem, he worhsipped Mozart. He's queer, eccentric tastes struck me like magnet. From then on, he's one of my most valuable friends ever. Though unplanned, we took the same course in college and has been celebrating almost 7 years of friendship. For these seven years I thought I knew everything there is to know about Lolo. After all, he was always the God-fearing, compassionate, gentle friend who rolls his eyes laughing on corny jokes and took his studies with diligence. Lolo.. the wholesome Lolo.

That all changed today. Well, for the wholesome part that is.

As I took a break from all the fiesta frenzy and keeping up with my perky nephews and nieces, an sms message called my attention. My hands were full with dessert and soda so I had to get myself a seat. There was no point surveying the packed room for one. So I had to force my way to the backyard while staying out of Hexum's sight; my nephew who demanded to go ride a ferris wheel (NO FREAKING WAY!!! the last time I did, I squealed like a pig about to be slaughtered while he made fun of me).
The text message was from Iris and it read:

"There are two perfect guys out there... the only problem is, they're DATING each other"

Haha. An ugly reality I wanted to share to my friends. Within seconds, I forwarded it to my blockmates. A few minutes later, I saw Lolo's name on the screen. To free my other hand, I swallowed a mouthful of chocolate cake and read.

"Hu am i 2 hndr those men's relatnshp...perfect nagud kaha jade...tho n my opinion it's better to hit pretty pussies than wounded by a cock fyt...;-)"

I almost choked myself to death. Did I read it right? He used the terms pussies and cock. Hahaha Shocks!

I guess I must start calling him Jesther or make up a rather cool nickname to boost his image on women. Especially now! When I, we think he's *ehem* kind of PARTIAL to someone in our block.

photo courtesy of Phoebe May Falame


emje said...

Gahd! Lalaki jod diays i lolo. LOL :))

♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

hehe people nga naman:) i have many friends din who i thought i know them very well..hindi pala=P may kulo pala! hihi

aka Procne said...

@emje: I TOLD YOU SO!!!

@Ava: Oo nga. Una, I was speechless. Tapos, tawa ako ng tawa. I was both shocked and amazed. Halos sumakit na ung tiyan ko sa kakatawa.

Hussein said...

waaAh! lolo.. though i'm not so familiar with guys like him.. i know for sure.. someday.. she'll be marrying a WOMAN! hehe.

i myself was shocked.. kmao d.i xa ato na mga words.. heehee

lilil said...

of course laki si lolo., pero ga.nga.nga jud ko pag forward ni jade

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