Friday, February 13, 2009

Counting Down For Monday

I SEE RED EVERYWHERE! And hearts. And red balloons! And special promos in hotels, motels and restaurants all in tribute to Valentine's Day. Aaah, February, the love month. Things turn extra festive. Second to Christmas and New Year. People are almost all in the mood to give gifts and exchange thoughtful messages. Be it for their lovers, friends and families. Sadly, I haven't prepared mine yet.. FOR MY FOLKS. Single here. No, I am in no desperation to score a date. In fact, if there's any pressure I'm feeling now, it would be related to school. And that folks is surviving the midterm week which ends this Monday. Yey, Two more exams to go and I'm free.

My hands are already itching to grab hold of Khaled Hosseini's The Kiterunner. I bought it a week ago but stashed it at the top corner of my shelf out of my sight to avoid giving into a distraction I can't get out of. Haha.

As if. Everyday when I check my mails and log in to facebook (happy to know everyone else is stressed out too!), Mafia wars keep me from studying. That is an hour wasted which could have been a chapter's worth of my Accounting book.

PS Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic movie is out. Haven't read the book but I heard it's a fun read for fashionistas who are incapable of talking theirselves out of buying items THEY DON'T NEED. Definitely, this movie is for them. And for girls and women who, in the NEAR FUTURE will fall into the same dilemma.

HAPPY HEARTS DAY to you.. to me.. to everyone who needs loving.. to people who don't realize their loved but is to blind to see for they keep on wanting what is not there..


kcatwoman said...

hi i have on khaleid's book stashed in my shelf too. it's too good that i want to give special "time" to read it. happy reading !

aka Procne said...

Read the entire book already. Great read.

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