Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dahilayan Adventure Park: Second Time Around

Going to Dahilayan Adventure Park will more than an hour from Cagayan de Oro. It is best you visit the Park on a weekday. If you only have the weekends, set out really early. The Park gets crowded with tourists on peak season. 

You will pass by Del Monte's pineapple plantation. A sea of pineapples as far as the eyes can see. Every time we visit, we stop halfway to take in the sights. I probably won't ever get over how picturesque it all is: a sea of pineapples, pine trees and sleeping mountains half-covered in fog as the backdrop. 

This is my second visit to Dahilayan Adventure Park to date. I noted a lot of improvements ever since my first visit. A new hotel, Pine Grove Lodge greeted us on our arrival near the entrance to the park. The design reminded me so much of the cabins we stayed in Baguio only bigger. This is good news to out of town tourists. They never have to travel more than an hour back to Cagayan de Oro. However, it's really pricey. One night stay will cost you more than Php 3,000. But there is a cheaper alternative, especially for groups, The Ridge Camp. Good for big families and friends. 

Weather in Bukidnon recently turned bipolar; it could be hot then it rains cats and dogs! When it rains, it fogs and it'd be really cold. Be prepared to bring jackets and umbrellas. 

I dream of having just a small cabin and wake up to this view each morning. Imagine spending your afternoons on your veranda looking out to luscious greenery as far as the eye can see with a cup of coffee and a good book to curl up to. *sigh* Look at my bro! Sooo, adorable! 

While waiting for the food, hanged out in their playground. There were a few kids and he had no one to play with. I was happy to oblige as you can see. 

I will never ever dine in this restaurant again. Food was terrible and overpriced. And bad service too.

Paul and I tried out their bungee since he chickened out on the Zorbit. I wanted to try rolling inside a huge ball down the hill with him. Apparently, my brother is not as adventurous as I am. He veers away from any adrenaline-inducing activity. 

We had the buggy ride too since Papa didn't allow Paul to ride the ATV himself. We'd be driving through rough roads, blind curves and steep downhill road tracks he figured it's unsafe. I felt Paul's disappointment he wanted it so much. But oh well. At least he rode by my side and barked instructions on HOW TO DRIVE, WHEN TO STOP AND WHEN TO SLOW DOWN. LOL. I just gave him that the satisfaction coz he enjoyed the feeling of being in control so much. 

I'd love to go back again with more family and friends in tow. Spend the night there and share stories around a bonfire on a chilly night. 

Will you go with me next time? 

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