Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Fort Santiago

We continued our brief trip to the 1800s in Fort Santiago, which was by the way, just across Manila Cathedral.
I was so thirsty I had to stop by a store to buy water. By the time I got to the entrance, my friends were already browsing through a number of tourist-y hats. Cute and cheap. 

Not bad for 120 bucks. 'Twas originally priced at 200 but we haggled it for a 100 'til the vendor said with finality, 120! I learned a lesson that day, haggle for half the price then inch higher to what you really intend to pay for the item. 

There's a large garden with fountain at the center of Fort Santiago. Great for picnics. We did not go there to lounge though, we immediately started retracing Jose Rizal's steps to martyrdom. 

The entrance leading to another courtyard. Inside is Jose Rizal's detention cell, dungeons, Rajah Sulayman theater and a museum in honor of the famed hero. 

Don't you think it looks very imposing? After centuries, it still exudes an aura of authority. It stands tall and proud, like a person who's not used to getting NO as an answer.

That is Jose Rizal's detention cell with his footprints. His steps are pretty narrow. We marveled at this thought for awhile and argued at why it was so. One reasoned it was because he was a short man but I disagreed. If these were the last steps I'll take in my life, I would absolutely take my time towards death. Period. 

The sneak peek of the dungeons. Cold stone walls. Dark and scary. I refuse to linger at these parts of Fort Santiago since it gives me the creeps. The souls of the innocent of the people who was detained and put to death, I heard, still lurk there. Brrr! I took one shot and quickly hurried away.

We went to all the places indicated in the brochure. We were so tired after walking and snapping photos. We stopped by this open area overlooking the Pasig river. It must have served as a lookout for enemies or a docking port for merchants. I dunno. All I know is, this part of Fort Santiago must have been beautiful back in the days. But at the moment, sad to say, the view right across are only unwanted and crumbling buildings.

We resumed to walking and found this quiet spot with red bricked walls. The need to channel ANTM struck us almost in unison! :)

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