Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trip Back Home

I had my long break last week. After months of being away from home, I was so psyched and excited to fly that I had to leave the office early to 'prepare' coz I know when I get off that plane, my baby brother (who's inches taller than I am now) will be looking for his boxes of Krispy Kreme. 

I am the family's eldest and unica hija, pretty explains why the entire family's very protective of me. So even if I could very well find my way home, hey picked me up the airport. The moment I got in the car I felt home immediately. I was also glad our Strada's up and running after Sendong. We dropped by SM Cagayan de Oro to eat breakfast since I havent had any. 

At home, Papa prepared a sumptuous dinner. He knew I missed his cooking and boy was he right. I had grilled Bangus and shells!!! YUM. It's been months since I had any. You see, Bangus and shells are my favorite. We always have that for lunch every Sunday before I moved here in Makati. Gahd, dinners like that make me miss being pampered. Being an only daughter and having two parents who adore me, do have their perks. 

We went off to Pryce Memorial Gardens to visit my grandaunt and my great grandmother since it was my grandaunt's birthday. Weird huh to celebrate one's birth when they're dead already. But we Filipinos have that sentimentality and we pay respects every time. We had difficulty lighting the candles since it was so windy. My hat kept flying off. 

After saying a short prayer, my brother played with the wind and had his plane soaring. I watched it soar over the sprawling, green grass against the blue skyline. The sound of rustling leaves and swaying trees seemed like a lulling music in this peaceful place for the dead. Now I know why my grandaunt specifically wanted to lie her remains there.

Paul was still having fun flying his plane when Mama called us back in the car. We were still heading to Initao Forest Park for a stroll. More on that when I get back.

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