Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Iligan Bloggers Society, Iligan's First!

Blogging started as an online outlet of my thoughts. At first, I only allowed access to my closest friends because I was shy of my writings, both its content, style and any grammatical deviations from the rule. Filipinos have this pleasure of picking mistakes and make it an inside joke. Until it grew readership. Strangers came visiting, made a couple of friends here and abroad and I somehow broke out from being shy with my posts. Mistakes help you grow. So, I figured, it is better to see progress than none at all.

I started seeing blog awards given by respective blogger societies nationwide. Almost all of the Filipino bloggers I know belong in a blog organization of their place. Judging by the pictures, it was a good way to mingle, meet and make new friends and connection in the area. You can share tips, do's and don'ts of the trade. I say trade because blogging has grown more than an online diary of your thoughts, interests and hobbies. It has become the bread and butter of some. It's no secret you earn part/full time money just from blogging. I wasn't as jealous before when I see bloggers in Manila enjoy access and cover events because of their unified orgs. Not until I read a post from Wella (CDO blogger), that they are having one. I got really jealous and wished, there is one in my city. I was glad there is now, JUST RECENTLY!

I am proud to announce Iligan City's first blogger organization, Iligan Bloggers Society (Can it ever be more obvious?)! I hurriedly registered on their new site and liked their Facebook page. I knew a couple of friends into blogging so I invited them as well. I was pleased to see the growing numbers albeit a small number compared to others but hey, the org is new. It will surely grow as others get the news. 

As part of their launch, Iligan Bloggers Society holds a contests for artists and talented individuals. They're running a Craft A Logo Contest. The mechanics can be found here. But just to give you a start it obviously involves making an official logo for the group --a logo that will reflect and define the organization's vision, mission and goals. Three winners shall be picked with prizes! Go, check it out. Not a graphic designer, then you can make an entry about the contest and win these freebies below. 
 I'm not done, on May 19th, IBS holds its first MEET AND GREET at 5pm, Jacko's Kan-anan. The place is pretty easy to locate, its right across Tatay's Grill. Thanks for the generous sponsors who supported and made this event possible, Jacko's Kan-anan, Third Team Media, and DoanesGVonlineshoppe. No entrance fee. And FREE FOOD. 

If you are by any chance a blogger who resides in Iligan City, visit their website and register! We'll see you on Thursday! And oh, it doesn't matter if you're an amateur in blogging, as long as you blog, you are welcome. 

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Wella said...

Yey!! Hope you'll surely have a great time with co-bloggers.♥

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