Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Volunteering for GK

Bumming out was the official plan for this year's summer. The impending review classes will surely take out a huge chunk of my social life in both worlds: actual and social life. Since April there was an excessive amount of sleeping in 'til the sun is way, way up, TV, movies and shows my eyes can no longer handle, and catching up on novels. I can only count the days I actually went out of the house to hang out with friends. 

Until, my bestfriend invited me to join Gawad Kalinga (GK). I thought it'll hit two birds in on stone--- volunteer work and spending quality time with each other, so what the heck I said YES! From then on, we were running errands for GK. Well most of the work was done by the time I joined in so there wasn't much. Except for that one time we had to go around the city to hand-carry letters for radio stations.

We had a tartanilya ride at some point. Haven't been in one for ages! Needless to say, we enjoyed albeit the scorching sun upon us. It was so hot. And we did a video too for our best friend Beajai in England. And in between volunteering for GK, we meet up with our best friend, Leia.
 One of our go to cafes in the city is Zoey's. Every time Kara or Beajai comes home, we dine here. The mango crepe is a recent addition to their menu. The other one's a double double cheesburger. We call this eating light for our next stop, Aruma. 
What remains of our Tuna Alfredo. Aruma is the best cafe in town. The food is great, for a reasonable price. When I'm around I usually order the usuals, Tuna Alfredo/Tuna Twist with Choco Macadamia frappe. They offer good service too. If you're a regular, they give you a cup with your name on it, keeps it at the cafe and lets you use it when you hang out there again. Zoey's topped my list for years but when Aruma came around, it only ranks second. 
I'm glad I am close and friends with the same people I spend breaks with in high school to help write a fanfiction of Harry Potter. The book series of JK Rowling mean more to me than any other book series I have. They hold memories of high school and a start of beautiful friendship that we still enjoy after almost a decade. 

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