Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wiiiicked Plan B!

The genius behind Plan B.
This English rapper will dethrone Eminem.
He's English. And the accent is adorably sexy!

His take on Pass Out is so fresh.
He made it his own. Wiiiicked.
The content below is farking addictive!
Clicked replay several times.

farking. its an expression i got from my best friend, Kara. i like the way it sounds.


chingching said...

wow. he is good!
thanks for the recommendation.

aka Procne said...

Sure sure.

Sush said...

fresh! Ive never heard of him, but that shouldnt be surprising because im uaully not updated haha. I rely on the billboard charts when i dl music LOL

aka Procne said...

@Sush Naaah. I rely on music blogs. Great music usually are not popular. Indie indie indie.

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