Monday, February 28, 2011

Fly, Esperanza

I get why she won a Grammy. Other nominees for Best New Artist included Justin Bieber, child singing sensation. Talent-wise, he's average compared to jazz singer-songwriter Esperanza Spalding. She's not entirely new, she's been around the business for 3 years and already has three albums. Such raw talent yet less known by many. Giving her the Grammy is well-deserved. Time for the world to get acquainted with Esperanza.
QUICK FACTS: She's 27 years old from Portland, Oregon. Jazz bassist, singer, and songrwiter. She's a self-taught musician raised by a single mother. She has three albums under her belt, with her 2010 Chamber Music Society gave her a nomination and apparently won the Grammy for Best New Artist. Her fourth album, Radio Music Society is currently on the works.

RIDICULOUS FACT: Bieber fans aka Beliebers/Biebs were so enraged at the teen's defeat to the extent that they hacked Spalding's Wikipedia page! They changer her biofact, putting Justin as her middle name and wrote that the singer should GO DIE IN A HOLE. Overzealous fans plus TEEN ANGST = BIEBS. Like seriously. Bieber should teach his fans how it is to be a good sport. Besides, have you seen her live performances? No commercialism, no over-the-top props and costume. Just her instrument, her band, her voice and her stage presence. That's it.

Now I may have faith, to make mountains fall
But if I lack love, then I am nothing at all.

No AUTOTUNE. These days, that's rare. Bieber is not for all, especially if you're a teenager no more and JAZZ is too. Not for all. Notwithstanding, she is extremely talented and it shows undeniably. I like watching her live performances. How she's in the zone and genuinely in touch with her craft.

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