Thursday, July 1, 2010

[MV] Taeyang - I NEED A GIRL

Ever since Wedding Dress happened, I am constantly looking out for this Korean hottie, Taeyang. His video struck a chord in my heart and I am forever mesmerized. Apart from Rain, this might be the one of the few Kpop idols I'll look out for. Others look disturbingly gay.

His new music video's out featuring Sandara Park aka Dara and G Dragon. How was it? Hmm, just a tad okay. Just a passing video. Not totally original and memorable. One thing's sure, this won't be in my 'i'll-watch-it-again-and-again' list.

But, don't listen to me. It's got Taeyang in it!!!

(via allkpop)
And so, back to Finance. *sigh*


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i know what you said about how Taeyang made an impact on the wedding dress video...

this is one korean hottie indeed. aside from Wedding dress i love Where you at too because his dance moves are just jaw dropping. The way he moved his body is awesome.. it's so smooth & graceful.

im not into kpop so much for i am a jpop fan, but Taeyang made an impact on me too.

aka Procne said...

Not a kpop freak here to NOR a jpop freak. I do appreciate these talents and the music their playing but not every single group that come out though. I love UVERWORLD for jpop.

Taeyang is just hot. Something's off on his new video. Nevertheless, disappointing it may be, it's still Taeyang. And a fan will always support his project.


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