Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Quizzes Always Suck!

I just hate it when first quizzes of the semester always suck. The Finance quiz this morning was a classic example. We got out frantically asking everyone for answers. Don't ask. I'm pretty sure I flunked that one but still hoping for little miracle to happen on next week's results. 

So I trudged home and mechanically typed for streaming episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I love love the show. I super love how they make you laugh in every episode. And they seem to be NOT trying to. Many compares it to Two and a Half Men, but I would definitely put them on a higher pedestal. I'm on my third season  and no sign yet of getting tired of the show. I guess I won't ever will. 

All of the characters define the show. No Ted Mosby, No HIMYM. No Marshall, No HIMYM. And etcetera. Everyone will agree with me on this. The network will cut this show if they kill BARNEY STINSON. It will not survive without Barney's hilariously exaggerated story-telling of his sexploits, his aversion to commitment and marriage, his self-worship of his awesomeness, and other ridiculous stuff that make you wince and laugh a lot all at the same time. Yes baby, that's Barney Stinson. What's got the show to do without him? Right? Right? 

Suit up!!! 

Sidebit note: Contrary to the character he's playing as Barney Stinson (the 'legendary ladies' man'), the actor is proudly GAY. Uhuh. And I'm not kidding. Neil Patrick Harris is proudly gay. WHAT UUUUP! (lol. gonna stop mimicking Stinson now...) 

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Anonymous said...

This show is ultimate. LEGEND. Each character is kewl and NEIL being AWESOME. My wife n I are addicted. Season 6 n we can't get enuf. Sun n Sue - 2 AWESOME FANS.

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