Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[Trailer] The Deathly Hollows, The Finale. In Two Parts!

Like an average HP fan, I watched the trailer with goosebumps. The anticipation build up is just too much.

THE CATCH? The finale comes in two parts. The first, shows in theaters this November and the second? No news yet. But I am hoping it won't be November next year.



You can't blame him, can you. HP brought him to stardom and he practically worked with the same bunch of people each year for seven years. He grew up making these movies. If HP is so much a part of our lives, how much more for Radcliffe and company? Seeing good times end. I reckon it felt like saying goodbye to high school and friends.

As for his career and the others, I hope they grow out of the HP attachment. Seven years on HP, people tend to brand them with it. Harry Potter is Radcliffe or Ron Weasley is Grint. Kind of hard. That will be a challenge they have to take it.


Harry Potter is soo much a part of my life. High school is not without mentioning the days spent reading JK's books secretly in class, waiting to get hold of the next installment or lining up to borrow a friend's copy and spending free time making and reading fanfiction. Everyone talked about the book and the upcoming movie.

Apart from those fond memories, what mattered most was the friendship I gained from it. Unlike any other average HP fans, I have more to thank JK Rowling. Through her and Harry Potter, I have three of the most wonderful and talented persons in the world as loyal best friends who never fail to be there at my lowest and rejoice at my every victory. Kara, Leia, Beajai and I, have been friends for more than 8 years. And counting.

Voldemort: Why do you live?
Harry: Because I have something worth living for.

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