Saturday, December 19, 2009

To Do List

Now that I'm on break, I gotta do errands laying on wait while I'm full with academics. I quite have a handful to do on Christmas.

  1. Clean up! Clean all the clutter in my room. Top priority: Closet and desk.
  2. Put up boxes like KEEP and JUNK. So when I move to my new room it'll be easier for me to organize things. Think long term benefits.
  3. ORGANIZE my itunes library and files in my laptop. The Genius software is simply genius. For me to get decent playlists, must update my library first.
  4. Catch up on my reading that is, non-academic book. At least ONE book.
  5. Study AUDIT theory, FINANCE and Law 4: Law on Negotiable Instruments
  6. Read Financial Accounting 1. Just one chapter a day and so some practical problems.
  7. Write letters to give to special friends *wink*
  8. Decide whether to keep my hair or get to the salon.
Hope I can at least finish half of the list. Number 5 though is TOP priority. My life depends on it.

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