Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self-confessed Anime Addict

YES. That's what I am. Let me reiterate it again, 'I am a self-confessed anime addict'. And proud of it. I don't tire watching Anime. I can spend the whole day finishing episodes and episodes of Anime. The next thing you know? You blink and it's dark outside and you don't even notice. That's the kind of entertainment it provides, captivating and addictive.

Before we had cable TV and internet access at home (yeah, can't believe I survived), I had to search around the city for shops which sell DVDs of the Anime shows I loved. The shows aired at the local network weren't enough to satisfy my daily need of Anime.

Thank God for the creation and existence of Animax Asia. And thank God even more for my folks! 5 years ago, they decided to take heed of my persistent pleas for the long overdue cable tv subscription as to allow me to tune in to Animax Asia, a channel airing tons of Anime shows EVERYDAY! A channel meant for ANIME addicts like yours truly. The great thing about the shows they feature is they are all english dubbed. In my own opinion, I love the english subbed more as not to ruin the original voices who gave life to the show regardless, Anime is anime, dubbed or just subbed. Good news for those who dislike reading texts at the bottom while watching the shows, right?

Animax Asia runs most of my favorite Anime shows. Currently in their 'shows list' are Bleach, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing OVA and Idaten Jump to name a few. Watch Anime at Animax TV. I'm sure you'll tune in everyday.

But if you're quite a newbie, your first time hearing Anime (though I doubt it, just in case anyway), I have a good site to recommend whenever you need help in any of the Anime I have mentioned (its plot, characters and the like), drop by Anime Wiki.

I feel tempted playing the Anime DVDs I have in store but with so many things to do, I MUST RESIST. It can wait. Because if I start now I might not stop watching. Like what usually happens.

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