Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer At Last!

The OJT ends tomorrow. Apart from complying with requirements like the certificate and evaluation, I can now say farewell to 20-30 minute morning ride to Lugait and the morning breeze along Centennial Park. where the sea is sparklingly blue and pristine as the yellow rays of sun bids hello.

Albeit the short time I have been with my office mates, I know I will miss them too. They are not boring, office robots. They laugh and drop jokes all the time while mechanically attending to their jobs. Employees from other departments visit the office, not always for official reasons mind you, but for gossip. So like high school but on an entirely different level. Harsher, I suppose.

I have learned a lot from my internship. Both related to life and my future career. One, working for government does not suit me (must consider other options, pay's not good). Two, I now appreciate my parents more. It's not easy. Hell. I wonder how one can survive eight hours everyday in one office for months and years.

All I have to worry now is packing and to ask someone else to enroll me next week. H1N1 virus, be gone!!!

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