Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Ready

I'm already leaving tomorrow and I'm not finished packing yet!!! Don't panic. Don't panic. Breathe in. Breathe out.

If my Mom finds out about this, I am sooo dead.

I am all plans and no actions. All I can think of is the itinerary and the clothing ensemble I'll be wearing in each place. Haha. Yeah, yeah. But I'm like that, eh. There are just so many places to see and it frustrates me to know we only have four days to spend in HK and two days in Macau.

Mom's finally considering staying at the Venetian overnight. Meanwhile, my Dad flipped at the price. What has he to say anyway? This is Mom's trip, she's got the cards. Bwahahaha! I badly want to stay there. I'm crossing my fingers she won't take Dad's 'practical' advice seriously. I'm sure it'll be worth the every penny! Pretty please.

Ok. Wth's up with me. I have to pack. NOW.


darksphere said...

wow... maypa ka daj! enjoy your trip! :)

Iris Monterona said...

Awww. Venetian Hotel!!! Whoooh. Mga 3 days ang kailangan before ma tour ang whole hotel. Hahaha. Enjoy your HK trip Daj! :) Godbless!

Visit the Hongkong street markets! Lots of Fab and Funky finds. :)

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