Thursday, May 21, 2009

Huh? What Virus?

Last March, I couldn't wait for May to come. Never mind the hours spent stuck in a cubicle playing bookkeeper, staring into space while waiting for 5pm. So why May? Let's see. My first trip abroad!!! To Hongkong and a sidetrip to Macau!!! I got my passport months ago, planned the clothes I'd wear my head (no definite action yet, bummer), and organized the itinerary (still in the works).

Then H1N1 virus broke out. The quaratined hotel in HK was really depressing. Everything went in slow motion, plans went crashing down. But thank God, my Mom just shrugged. A glimmer of hope. A week of deliberation between my folks and Lola Mommy dragged to two. It was frustrating. Coz like duh, I was already dreaming of Disneyland!!! We cannot change plans. That's ridiculous. Even with the virus around. We all know the media exaggerates. And besides, what about the bookings? The credit card bills? Thankfully, the verdict was a GO.

So in a a week.. Disneyland. Can't wait really. I maybe turning 20 but it still is heaven. You know what? I think I MIGHT not care if I don't get to see the other tourist spots. I'm serious really. Just Disney. And a visit to the Venetian hotel in Macau. No I don't play casino; I don't gamble. But as Boys Over Flowers fan you understand, right? Haha. I must have read a ton of raging review about the hotel, the more I want to go. Weee!!

Tell me. Before I stop babbling excitedly, where do I find this clad-like-a-statue guy?

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