Monday, April 13, 2009

Relapse: Eminem's Comeback Album

(singing) Guess who's back? Back Again.. SLIM SHADY!

Eminem's back with his old tricks! My ears are twitching to enjoy his songs once again. These days all I listen to is jazzy blues. The timing's just great. My OJT starts tomorrow. Dunno what to expect but I'm pretty sure of one thing: lots and lots of paper works. What more can an accounting student contribute aside from making coffee? Yey. At least I can enjoy his songs on those dragging moments.

So anyway. His video?? Gosh! Sooo funny! He bashed and MOCKED a lot of celebs!!! No wonder there were a lot of negative reviews from critics. One even called him VILE.

Watch it here. CLICK PLAY.

In case you got a lil confused with all the celebs he bashed on the video. Click here for the complete list.

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