Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daniel Henney and Hugh Jackman Goofing On Korean Tv Show

I didn't understand a thing they were saying but they're having tremendous fun!!! I hope a subbed version comes out.

Henney and Jackman is all over Seoul promoting their movie. They look comfortable with each other. Ooh, Henney's buddy-buddy with Jackman. No doubt, the Korean-American actor is indeed enjoying his popularity. After Kim Sam Soon, I rarely hear news of him except for occasional magazine spreads he does time to time. Yey. At the rate his fame is going, I'll definitely see a lot of projects from him lining up. Oh, he already has one. He did the cover for Vogue Korea. I only have two words: It sizzled!!!

No, I don't have the pictures but you can view Henney aka Agent Zero here.


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