Saturday, April 18, 2009

Early Mornings, Late Afternoons

I'm never an early bird because I sleep late. Unfortunately, I have to love the smell of morning dew and early morning baths (brrr! water's cold). My work starts at 8 am. It's not like class where I can just show up 15 minutes late. There is this unwritten rule that trainees must be on time. Sort of leaving a good impression to your supervisor and hopefully gives you high remarks on your evaluation. My workplace is a 15-20 minute ride from home so *sigh* it requires a double effort in my part get up earlier than usual or I won't catch the jeep leading there. There's a 15-minute interval each trip and I need to catch the second trip to make it there on time. It'd be emabarassing to parade in the office and see all the staff there before you. You're a trainee/apprentice for crying out loud.

It's been three days already. Learning to love this routine has become a chore. What keeps me sane is the long rides. The morning breeze brushing my face and ruffles my hair (took me 10 minutes to groom btw), the gentle feel of the glowing sun, the sight of the morning horizon as I pass by the beach side and jazzy blues songs playing on my ipod helps things seem bearable! By the time I get there, I'm a smiling, eager trainee refreshed and ready for work.

And oh yeah, it's a relief to do real paper works. Really. It feels good not being the STAPLE QUEEN and COFFEE PRINCESS! I love my workplace. Everyone's soo supportive and kind of casual. Perhaps it helped that I knew some of them. There was one day when I finished all my tasks than expected and had been idle waiting for 5 pm. Boredom got the better of me. I stood up, went straight to the used cups and started washing them when my supervisor told me to stop and said, 'Just leave them lying there. Let the janitor handle that job. Why don't you play some computer games to pass the time.' My jaw dropped. She actually told me to play games. W-O-W! I love my supervisor!! Is this even legal? Haha! For an hour or so, all I did was play Text Twist, Need for Speed and Chiktionary.

The clock struck 5 pm. Ding! Time to go home! Free! I immediately set to go, of course, not before my supervisor does. The long ride home is something I anticipate everyday. I listen to Adele and Kate Nash while thinking of random things even daydream at times. :D Sheesh.

I can get used to this, one day at a time. Yes. Even the waking-up-early-to-cold-morning-baths part!


♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

i hate getting up in the morning too, but sadly my classes start at 7am so, i have to be an early riser!:P i hope work will be great as it goes..have fun!:D

Anonymous said...

same routine here.. wake up at 5:30, start hiking at 7:00 - 7:15, and arrive work at 7:30 - 8:00.. omg.. the lazy days are over. hahaha! OJT is a taste of the real career world..

where are you having your OJT daj?

aka Procne said...

Municipality of LUGAIT!LOL

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