Sunday, February 22, 2009

When Teasing Becomes Ugly

In 9 out of 10 cases, the cause of my demise is always my unforgiving mouth. Too frank and candid, they say. The cliche, Think Before You Speak, is the mantra I must practice. More often than not, you'd hear my voice above everyone's else's. I love making people laugh. I love killing boredom. Lately, it dawned on me that I do it at the expense of someone and that ain't good when you continually offend them. Perhaps, I am insensitive. No. I am the most sensitive person I know. I am attuned to other's subtleties of expressing their pain, boredom, annoyance, indifference and frustration. Maybe, I have my moments when I tune it out. OR there are just people you never thought to be reserved in nature as opposed to what you think. Last week, I learned that lesson. Be careful of what you say and do for you never know you already offended someone else. And believe me, they'll take it against you. The hard part is, YOU'RE oblivious to everything.

So, lemme say sorry AGAIN to a colleague. The object of our playful taunting in school. *drum rolls*

I believe, my partner in crime, will nod in agreement to this: we never knew you were harboring grudges against us; if not for the Group Dynamics we continue to be entirely clueless! Thank heavens. If we waited till you exploded, things might have been worse. Right, Li?

SO.. SORRY. Curse us no more.

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