Friday, July 11, 2008

They Kissed Again To Hit Philippine Shores

Yey. ABS-CBN's showing a Filipino dubbed version to It Started With A Kiss's sequel, They Kissed Again.

I watched the whole series at mysoju and I am quite sure they'd edit out the love scene. Haha. Not that it matters a lot to me, I just thought the Filipino viewers should see a more mature view of Ariel Lin's character in the series. It will be aired after Romantic Princess wrapped up. Speaking of Romantic Princess, I was surprised ABS-CBN aired it here. For me, it's the most draaaagging drama I've ever seen. It would've been a complete waste of my time if not for Wu Zun. Haha. Yeah. I watched the series for the sole reason of seeing more of Wu Zun. Why? Despite being over 25 years old, he looks waaay younger and he looks HOT.

So anyway, back to They Kissed Again. Can't wait for it to be aired here. I do hope they'd put it in a schedule when I can watch it too. Most of the time they schedule Taiwanese dramas on late afternoons around 5:30 pm, if that's the case I have no hope of watching it. My classes end at 6 pm.

Oh well. At least on Wednesdays I can watch one episode. :D

I think everyone should watch it!!! If you want to watch the full episodes and not some crappy edited out ones in ABS click the link I gave above.

*Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng FOREVER!!! or should I say Xiang Qin and Jiang Zhi Shu forever!!! Haha.

Oh yeah. here's a pic of Wu Zun


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