Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sensory Overload: Calvin Chen and Wu Zun

Aaaaaaargh!!! Calvin Chen and Wu Zun performed live in Pinoy Dream Academy last night!!! Talk about sensory overload. I have been alienated from TV these days so I was only informed by a friend that Wu Zun's paying a visit to his fans here in the Philippines. I HAD NO IDEA Calvin Chen was tagging along! I owe my bro a big one. If he hadn't insisted watching ABS-CBN I would've missed the chance of seeing my Asian celebrity crushes Calvin Chen and Wu Zun!!!

All they had to do was simply turn up on stage and everyone went berserk. There were fans from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong who flew in just to see them! Calvin and Wu serenaded the audience much to everyone's delight. Not that the song mattered! For I am well aware not one understood a single line! But still, those fans were uber-lucky indeed! Seeing Calvin and Wu in the flesh is more than enough! Sigh.

My admiration upped a bit when I heard Calvin and Wu speak fluent English. I guess there's more to them than good looks. It turned out they graduated and studied abroad which explains why they don't need translators unlike other foreign Asian actors who came to visit here.

And. And... I just love it when they said in rich Taiwanese accent which sounded like, "Mabuhei! Mehael kow kay-Yo!" Haha.


Elliot said...

Hi! I hope we could be ECbuddies. ^^;

Yeah, you might be interested in joining my contests. You'll receive a photo taken from the Diamond Mountain in N.Korea. It was taken by me. ^^;

Have a great week ahead! Cheers!

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