Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What They Have In Common

It's got to be the eyes, defined jaws and the sleek hair. Looks familiar? You probably seen him appear in Chuck in a few episodes, sang Gotye's hit song in Glee and star to his own show, The White Collar. There are rumors swirling in Hollywood he's gonna play Christian Grey. I totally hope so. He'll fit right into character like it was made for him! 

I am a fan of Ian Somerhalder too but I don't think his tough vamp look will cut it. Also, like Matt, he has this pair of eyes that with one stare, you melt. His lips break into a crooked smile like he's got mischief up his sleeves. And the stubble. Few men can make that look both rough and sexy. So Ian Somerhalder is... *sigh* 

So if I were to choose, I'd pick Matt Bomer for the role of Christian Grey.

As long as there is no official news of the cast yet, fans can only guess and speculate. 

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