Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Rains Don't Last

Been cooped up at home for two days straight. Once again, Mother Nature lashed out with heavy downpours in Metro Manila without letting up. Work had to be suspended since most areas are non-passable due to flood. 

Typhoon Ondoy, Typhoon Sendong and now this. I know how it's like to have family and friends with lives at risk and with homes washed out with flood. I know because I had its fill late last year with Typhoon Sendong. So I pray, that this will soon be over. It's still pouring hard outside. Also, It's scary seeing Pasig river's water level can be seen inching higher. 

For those at home and are willing to help, help me disseminate this. I got this from Laureen Uy's blog. 

For Donations, click here. If you want to drop off help other than money go here (also has a listing for evacuation centers)
Need help or rescue? Click here

Philippines, we are above this. Let's continue to pray it will all be over soon. And help disseminate information as much as you can. Keep watch too. 

1 comment:

Chyrel Gomez said...

Hey, Jade. Hope you and your family are all safe.

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