Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Remember A Boy

Been listening to this woman on repeat. Her track, I Remember A Boy, is so poignant. It's best listened to on cold, rainy morning ride on the bus. 

I have this running theory of person's and their current favorite track. Always, it reflects how they feel at the moment, what they are going through or went through and how it often calls back memories. I listen to one song moment then suddenly I get a quick trip down memory lane. Sights blur, people around me are drowned out and I am in that moment again. 

Sentimental. A word I describe myself. I don't show it much but if you look and listen closely, stories I tell are laced with fondness. When I miss someone or something, I talk about it in a pretentiously passive manner  but the glint in my eyes betrays me. That is what I love about Shannon Labrie. She has this strong vocal presence and she draws me. She may still have to stay on my playlist for quite awhile (meaning, for weeks).

I'm not in love with the man you've become
But I remember a boy

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Enjoy the rainy days with good music. 

1 comment:

Chyrel Gomez said...

As of this writing, I'm actually listening to Beyonce's, If I were a boy, and oh boys.

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