Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farewell, Mang Cosme!

Dear Tito Dolphy aka Mang Cosme,

Thank you for all the laughs you brought me and my family over the years. I call you Tito Dolphy because somehow you are family although we have never crossed paths before.

I'm a 90's kid and every 90's kid, if not all but most of us, had fond memories of Home Along Da Riles. You and the cast were a big part of my childhood. I grew up along with your alter TV ego's children watching the show. We looked forward to every episode each week. It brought us more than laughter, you brought my family together. Home Along Da Riles was one of the few shows we all agree on watching. Usually I fight neck to neck with Papa or Mama for full control of the remote but when it's you on the show or movie, no disagreement at all. And for that, THANK YOU.

Most comedians today operate on explosive punch lines, make funny mockery of social or political controversy or ever so often, make the audience laugh at the expense of others' feelings. I love that you did not do that. I love that your charm and seasoned experience as a comedian allow you effortlessly make everyone burst with laughter without all that. No one does it like you did.

Thank you, Mang Cosme. Thank you.

Your passing is the end of an era.

Requiescat in Pace.

PS. I wish the government initiated efforts to award you of the National Artist award before you fell terribly ill and died. I wish you heard these news alive and well. But alas, we see ourselves rooting for a posthumous award in honor of your legacy. This bit has got to change. 

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