Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finally Wired!

No internet = social bane. I thought I could without internet in my apartment but that just won't do.I miss blogging just had to get a postpaid broadband. 

On Labor Day, I decided to get Sun Broadband. :) Friends, I am so thrilled I am finally wired to the world wide web! I miss idling away online browsing random stuff and back to blogging regularly I hope. 

Just so you know, I took Sun Broadband's Anti-Bill Shock plan.

You might wonder why I did not get their unlimited plan. My housemate and I considered getting one and splitting the bill making it more practical and way lot cheaper. We all know though we are that stage when one is unsure of the career path we're taking. We're still deciding whether to stay and grow in our present job, leave for home to rethink things or seek other jobs that truly make us happy. When one leaves, who shoulders the penalty for contract breach? (read holding period).

Anti-bill shock is just right for me. For a number of reasons:

  1. No holding period. Meaning, you can have it cut anytime.
  2. 60 hours free internet hours every month. If you go beyond that, Sun charges and additional Php 10 per hour (that's cheap) but you will never ever pay beyond Php 999. 
Ain't it sweet? 

By the way, my blog is under construction. You may notice frequent changes here and there. I am thinking of getting my own domain but the hassle of migrating had me thinking twice. One thing's for sure though, I am changing my blog title soon since I have already outgrown it plus it sounds cheesy. AND, I'll be doing a travel blog soon. I pray everything goes according to plan. 

Do you have blog title suggestions? Anyone? 

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